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Alberta CARE Approved Vendors List

alberta care approved vendorsHere is a list of the Alberta CARE approved vendors:

Electronic Waste (e-Waste) Recycling Program

  • GEEP
  • Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd. (Bulb Crushers)

Regional Scrap Metals Recycling Program

  • K & K Recycling Services
  • Richmond Steel Recycling
  • Terivita Metals Recycling

Regional Concrete & Asphalt Crushing Program

  • Lafarge Canada Inc
  • Picker People Ltd
  • Venture North Grinding

Wood Waste Grinding Program

  • Venture North Grinding

Miscellaneous Services

  • Brolube
  • Canadian Bumper Recycling
  • Crawling Valley Plastics/Marsco Supplies
  • Crystal Clean Water
  • Dingman Trucking Ltd.
  • Eco Green International Service Ltd.
  • Merlin Shredding Inc.
  • North East Bulk Transportation
  • Seisland Surveys Ltd.

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Alberta CARE Membership is important in Alberta, as it brings together diverse interests and coordinates recycling plans and efforts to divert substantial waste from landfills by sharing knowledge and expertise.

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