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Rob Smith - Vice Chairman

Robert Smith is the Manager / CAO of the Athabasca Regional Waste Management Services Commission. Rob is a strong regional leader who has over 16 years of experience as Manager of the Waste Commission. During this time Rob has nurtured growth of the Waste Commission from one class II landfill into a regional system with seven transfer stations, one material recovery facility, a class III landfill and a small fleet of collection vehicles for automated waste cart collection and for ICI waste and recycling collection. Over his long term position with the Waste Commission he has also demonstrated significant system design and development experience with knowledge of logistics and materials flow management.

With a diploma in Business Management these accomplishments were possible because of Rob’s excellent business acumen and ability to successfully manage large projects from planning and budgeting stages to implementation and problem solving.

As Rob has gained experience in the Solid Waste industry he has also developed a considerable understanding of Alberta’s stewardship programs both as a private stakeholder and as a municipal operator and manager.

Prior to his role with the Waste Commission Rob traveled extensively throughout Europe, South America and the United States developing Agricultural Plastic markets and also Rob was involved on the private side of the collection and recycling of post consumer plastics as well as product development of related recycling equipment.

Rob has been an active member of Northern CARE since 1999 and has been Chair of Alberta CARE since the organizational change in 2010. Rob is presently active in Alberta CARE, EWMCE Education and Training, and the Tire Recycling Industry Council. Other industry leadership includes work with the Alberta Transfer Station Advisory Committee, the Alberta Dairy Municipal Partnership Committee and Alberta Environment’s Construction and Renovation Waste Committee.

When Rob is not recycling or managing he enjoys his acreage life with his wife Carolyn and son Kailan and all the fun stuff associated with a young son. In addition, Rob has a passion making old things new again and such enjoys restoration projects and memorabilia.

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